Who AccountsPLUS are NOT a good fit for

I know that AccountsPLUS is not going to be a good fit for everyone. Over the years, I have worked with many different colleagues and with many different clients.  As I review my experiences, I realise that there are some types of clients who don’t benefit from my approach.  Equally, I get more enjoyment and […]

What does a part-time Financial Controller do?

Thinking about a Part-time Financial Controller? Have you ever thought about using a part-time Financial Controller?  Would you benefit from having access to additional financial management skills? I was talking with a business owner recently who is running a substantial, exporting business.  They don’t have any qualified accounting staff in house. Their annual accountant comes […]

Common Problems when working with accountants

If you are a business owner, you probably have an accountant. The relationship you have with your accountant is very important.  Your accountant prepares and helps you to interpret the accounts for your business and ensures that you  comply with various regulations re reporting and taxation. If this relationship is not providing you with the […]

How much does it cost to prepare financial projections

You are considering getting financial projections prepared but worried about how much this might cost. You have probably heard a lot of numbers bandied about.  I have heard of business paying up to €5,000 for a set of projections.  Some of those numbers can be quite scary.  Yet, you realise that there are a lot […]

Why are accountants so expensive?

I understand.  You are running a business and it’s hard to make money.  Then your accountant comes along and presents you with a big fee, anything from € 600 to possibly €1,500 or more per day for his or her work.  You struggle to understand why it can cost so much. I have been running […]

Choosing accountants

Comparison of the different types of accountants

Comparison of the different types of accountants Do you need to hire an accountant but you don’t understand all the different types of accountants and how they differ?  Your relationship with your accountant is very important.  A poor decision could have negative impacts on profitability or the amount of taxes you’ll pay.  You need to […]

How difficult is changing accountants?

Are you worried about changing accountant? Maybe you are dissatisfied with your existing accountant but worried about changing, fearful that it would be a lot more hassle than it’s worth? From time to time, I get asked by prospective clients how difficult is it to change accountant.  Some accountants like their clients to think it’s […]

Cost of Part-time or Virtual Financial Controller

Cost of a Part-time or Virtual Financial Controller Are you running your own business and struggling with the finances?  You would love to have your own financial controller but you can’t afford a full time one. You have heard someone mention part-time financial controllers and that sounds interesting.  But you are still wondering how much […]

ERP: Developing Cross-Functional Buy-In

Today we have a guest post from John Donagher of BSM. A few years ago, I did some work with BSM on developing the client requirements for RFPs for ERP systems. I worked with John then and he is very knowledgeable about ERP and implementing ERP. John recently posted this on his own Blog. Most […]

AccountsPLUS now on Enterprise Ireland’s Lean Consultants Directory

AccountsPLUS are pleased to have been approved by Enterprise Ireland for Inclusion on their Lean Consultants Directory. The Lean Consultants Directory as been put in place to support Enterprise Ireland’s Lean Business Offer, details below. Lean Business Offer Enterprise Ireland has developed a Lean Business Offer which is designed to encourage clients to adopt Lean […]

Is Technology making accountants redundant?

A recent post on Accountingweb.co.uk pressed one of my buttons. It was from a business owner who asked if technology was making his accountant redundant. He pointed out that much of what his accountant offered to do for him was now handled quite well by software. He finished up by asking does he need his […]