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For any business owner, it’s important to know where you want to get to and to be working on the right things to get you there. We will work with you to help you ensure that this is what you are doing.


We Start By Identifying What We Call Your Now–Where–How

  • Your Now is your current situation.
  • Your Where is your desired situation.
  • The How is the action plan that will take you from your Now to your Where.

We put them in that sequence because you should not take action without being clear on what your Where is.

Each client presents a different situation and for that reason each client may need different assistance in establishing their Now and in establishing what their Where is.


Prioritising Your Specific Action Plan

Once we know the Now and the Where, we facilitate the clients in identifying the gaps between Now and Where. Then we get them to prioritise the gaps and to create specific action plans to close those gaps. We distill it all down into a one page plan which sets out the action items and the accountabilities. This one page plan provides a clear focus for the next three months.


Review Action Plan And Plan Ahead

We recommend that our clients work their action plan for a three month period. At the end of that three month period, they review the situation and identify the top three action items for the next three month period. These could be priorities already identified or they could be new priorities that came to light as a result of the developments made in the last three months.

In our experience, most businesses can develop a plan but they fall down in the implementation of that plan. That is why we get them to focus on the top three items and why we get them to work the planning process in three monthly segments.

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