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AccountsPLUS help you to grow and develop your business

Our Services

Strategy and Planning

We work closely with management to develop practical and deliverable strategic plans and support them in the implementation of that strategy. These plans focus on creating significant, measurable difference and are not just annual exercises that are consigned to a file on completion.

Improvement Projects

We will help you identify and prioritise your improvement opportunities and we can provide training and support to realize those improvements. We are skilled and experienced in the application of improvement approaches such as Lean and TQM. We are members of Enterprise Ireland’s Lean Advisor Panel.

Team Development

We design and deliver custom training programmes to develop the abilities of your most important assets – your team. As licensed facilitators for Mindshop, our programmes allow participants to gain access to a proven platform for their professional development by using Using Mindshop’s technology platform, wealth of business tools, online training capability and custom content development ability. We are also members of Enterprise Ireland’s Panel of Mentors.

Accounting Services

We work with clients to design financial control systems which deliver reliable and informative management information and integrate well with the other management information available.We prepare financial projections and management accountants which help the owners of the business understand the key performance drivers and communicate that understanding clearly to investors and to lenders.We act as annual accountants for a select number of progressive clients who accounting software to maintain their accounting records and we help them to use the software to provide reliable management information throughout the year. We are partners for Kashflow, a leading online accounting solution.