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Galway-based finance professional, giving accounting information that eliminates worry and drives your business forward

Resourceful  |  Insightful |  Logical  |  Plain talking  | Tech friendly |  Encouraging  | Commercially aware

Galway-based finance professional, giving accounting information that eliminates worry and drives your business forward

Resourceful  |  Insightful |  Logical  |  Plain talking  | Tech friendly |  Encouraging  | Commercially aware


Your accounts have the potential to tell you so much more than how much profit you made, and how much tax you owe.

Skilled Financial Analysis and Strategic Planning in business can help you make informed financial projections, model how opportunities and initiatives might work out, and even help identify new growth opportunities.

But not every business owner finds it easy to learn to make sense of the numbers.

I’m Jim Cahill and I help business owners interpret their financial information so they can make better decisions.

I graduated as an engineer before I switched to accounting. Before I made the switch, I was advised that I would find accounting very difficult. And, I have to admit, accountants don’t always make it easy for non-accountants to understand the accounting information.

Because of that, I am very aware of the difficulties non-accounting people have with accounting jargon.

In fact, the feedback I get most often is that I’m much more understandable and approachable than other accounting and finance professionals my clients have worked with.

I really believe that having good financial support makes it much easier to manage any business.

Here are some of the most common reasons my clients have asked for my help with their business:

  • I can’t explain why my business performance is different from what I forecast
  • We are busier than ever but less profitable, and nobody can explain why
  • I need projections for my bank manager or investors
  • I am not confident in my product costs and worry when quoting or pricing
  • Where did the cash go? I’m not sure if I have enough cash to fund my business, even though we make a profit
  • Can I afford to take on more staff / buy a new machine / purchase some software
  • My accounts are no help to me in running the business

If any of those problems seem familiar to you, give me a call on 086 2323525 and we can discuss how I might be able to help.



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Jim was a steady pair of hands and a cool mind in a time of our Heaven and Earth Day Spa opening and a major transition in the growth of our companies. His perception and business acumen offered us more than pure finance reporting.

Mary Berkery
CEO , Dr Hauschka Skin Care Ireland Ltd

I learned my business financials following a telephone conversation with Jim Cahill than I did from my Accountant over the past 10 years. I know where to focus on to make my business more profitable.

Micheal Boyd
Principal Boyd & Associates, HR Consulting

What I like about working with Jim is the vision and forward thinking he brings to our company Arcana. Although he came in to take control of our accounts, what I did not expect was the extent to which he looks beyond the accounts to highlight the key areas I need to be looking at next – whether that be marketing, cash management, HR or whatever. He really makes great use of the accounts as feedback to drive the business forward. For the first time, I see our accounts as a tool to support the business.

On another level that is very important for us as a company is the relationship with the person and Jim, thankfully, is a peoples person – thus very easy to get on with which makes for us a perfect match.

Johnny Donnelly
Managing Director, Arcana Productions Limited

Jim allayed my (unspoken) resistance to facing the chore of organising my financial accounts. This has resulted in a new awareness of how organised accounting practice actually propels my business forward! Before using AccountsPLUS I was content with just basic compliance.

I would say Jim is unique in that he demonstrates a genuine interest in the client’s affairs, and ensures he fully grasps the nature of the client’s needs before going on to provide bespoke, reliable and understandable financial advice. Plus, he enables the client with appropriate tools and perspectives to implement that advice where necessary. That, I suspect, is why he calls his firm ‘AccountsPLUS’.

Tomas Hardiman
MD Parzival Productions, producers of the highly praised documentary “Meetings with Ivor”

I worked with Jim in 2008. He is a man of integrity and insight. He has a great capacity for detailed analysis combined with a high degree of compassion, an unusal mix for an accountant. While he is highly skilled in terms of his ability as an accountant, his greatest strength is his capacity for objective thinking and as such is an excellent resource to support business analysis and strategic planning. I am happy to recommend Jim as a consultant.

Nial O’Reilly
Managing Director – Ignite Coaching

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