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Bridging the gap between operations and finance

Yesterday, I was asked for more context about “bridging the gap between operations and finance”. That phrase was said to me by a participant after a training workshop and I felt that it is a good summary of what I try to do. I was a late convert to accounting, having qualified first as an […]

What is a VIES Return?

Over the past year, I have been getting questions from clients about VIES. Typically, a client has received a letter from Revenue advising them that they should be submitting a VIES Return. However, the clients typically don’t know what VIES is and have no idea how to make a VIES Return. At this stage, I […]

What Does An Outsourced Financial Controller Do?

If you struggle to get reliable financial information, or you cannot understand the information that you are getting, then you should consider taking on an outsourced or part-time financial controller. I was talking with a business owner recently who is running a substantial, exporting business.  They don’t have any qualified accounting staff in-house. At the […]

What KPIs should I use?

One question that business owners regularly ask me is “what KPIs should I use?”.  Most business owners are familiar with the idea of KPIs and they understand that they should have them but they are not sure where to start. I have been working in management for over 20 years now – initially as an […]

Which Is The Right Type Of Accountant For You?

Which type of accountant is right for you? Do you need to hire an accountant but you don’t understand all the different types of accountants and how they differ? Your relationship with your accountant is very important. A poor decision could have negative impacts on profitability or the amount of taxes you’ll pay. You need to choose well. […]


How Good Are You At Managing Your Business Finances

I have provided part-time controller services to many businesses over the years. The level of financial management in businesses varies from business to business. There are a number of broad categories that could help in managing your business finances. No Financial Management The least capable of businesses ignore financial management. Documentation is gathered up during […]

Assess your Financial Management Capability

The financial management capability of Irish SMEs varies significantly. I have been working with many Irish SMEs over the past 20 years. During this period I was helping them to assess and improve their financial management capability.  Over time, I have observed a number of different stages that businesses go through as they develop their […]