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Kashflow Update – Video Interview with Kashflow CEO

Kashflow users will find this video interesting. On July 5 last, Dennis Howlett, who writes a blog on accounting issues at www.accmanpro.com, interviewed the Kashflow CEO Duane Jackson. The video of this short interview is below and lasts just under 5 minutes. In the video, Duane talks about the progress the company has made, what’s […]

Recent Changes to Kashflow

Our online Accounting Software, Kashflow, is constantly being improved. Sometimes the improvements are obvious like the recent changes to the entry screens for sales and purchase invoices. Other times the changes are in the background and you may not realise that there’s a new option that might be useful for you. Kashflow publish the changelog […]

Lesser Known Kashflow Features

As I work with clients who are using Kashflow, I realise that there are several features in Kashflow that clients often don’t know about. I am going to highlight some of these in posts over the next period. Some of them may be useful to you. Repeat Invoicing. If you have a customer where you […]

Own your accounts

Yesterday, emyth posted the following on twitter. Don’t abdicate financial responsibility. Accounting and financial management systems are fundamental business controls. Own them! For me, that is such an important attitude. I know many business owners who are intimidated by their accounts. Yet business success is measured by Profit. So every business owner will be more […]

Employees or Self-Employed

In a recent tax briefing document, Revenue have promised to continue to focus on the issue of employed v self-employed across a multiplicity of sectors for the foreseeable future. Right now, they are focussing on locums in medicine, healthcare and pharmacy. The move is part of an overall strategy by the Revenue to bring more […]

Are you slack about IT security

Yesterday www.boards.ie was hacked and the passwords of the users may be compromised. If users use the same username and passwords on multiple sites, then the hackers may now have access to those other sites. Could they have access to online banking passwords? Possibly. A couple of months ago I was reading a blog, and […]

Making your accounts work for you.

Are your accounts giving you information that helps you manage your business? Most accounts don’t. When I go into a new client, one of the first things I do is to review the existing accounts. I am looking to see if they could get more information – additional analysis – from their accounts. The Sales […]

Are you missing out on the benefits of budgeting

It’s the start of a new year and larger companies will have their budgets done, or almost done. Yet, in most owner managed businesse,s there are no budgets or forecasts. Ask them why and they’ll give you all sorts of reasons. They haven’t got time. The current climate is so uncertain its nearly impossible to […]

How banks are evaluating lending requests

I was talking with a banker last week about their lending policies at the moment. One thing was very clear. In the current climate, they expect companies to have up to date accounts. The days of the bank accepting accounts from last December are gone. Now they are looking for much more up to date […]

A framework for Improvement

Applying the TOTE principle to business. In personal development work, the TOTE principle is an iterative problem solving strategy using feedback loops. This principle can be applied equally well to business. The First T is for Test. Test the environment and identify what needs to be improved. At this stage you also need to be […]