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Can Accounting really be fun?

I know most of you think that’s a strange question but Dennis Howlett, who blogs regularly on accounting topics, on www.accmanpro.com recently posted an article headed “Accounting is Fun.” I have posted extracts from his article below. The full article can be found here http://accmanpro.com/2011/06/17/accounting-is-fun/Accounting is fun. Since I have started using online accounting, I […]

Murphy’s Laws of IT

Murphy’s Laws Of IT1. When computing, whatever happens, behave as though you meant it to happen. 2. When you get to the point where your really understand your computer, then it’s probably obsolete. 3. The first place to look for information is in the section of the manual where you least expect to find it. […]

Lessons from this year’s tax season

Earlier today, I had a conversation with two friends, one an accountant and the other an owner-manager. The owner-manager commented on the rush of the tax season being over for this year and we got to talking of how some clients lose themselves money through their actions or inactions. I think it would be useful […]

Markup and Margin

In the past week, I have had discussions with three different people on the difference between markup and margin. In my own experience, I have come across a number of business owners who thought they had a margin of a certain percentage but they actually had a markup of that percentage. There’s a big difference […]

Tips for Managing Cash

In the past year, I have spoken to a number of different audiences on Managing cashflow. In the course of my work as a mentor on Bank of Ireland’s Enterprise Builder Programme, it is clear that managing cash remains an issue for many companies. So here are the key points from the presentations that I […]

Tax Tips

Income Tax Returns for 2009 must be filed by 31 October 2010. Failure to file on time will lead to surcharges. The way our system works, we pay a preliminary Income Tax for 2010 on 31 Oct 2010 and we file the actual return for 2010 in 2011 and at that time, we balance up […]

Is Technology making accountants redundant?

A recent post on Accountingweb.co.uk pressed one of my buttons. It was from a business owner who asked if technology was making his accountant redundant. He pointed out that much of what his accountant offered to do for him was now handled quite well by software. He finished up by asking does he need his […]

Working with VAT on Kashflow

I have had a couple of questions recently about how Kashflow handles VAT. Users do not seem to fully understand the use of the “submit VAT” button. So here is a brief overview of what needs to be done to have accurate VAT reporting. When you first submit a VAT report, it is important that […]

Recent Changes to Kashflow

Our online Accounting Software, Kashflow, is constantly being improved. Sometimes the improvements are obvious like the recent changes to the entry screens for sales and purchase invoices. Other times the changes are in the background and you may not realise that there’s a new option that might be useful for you. Kashflow publish the changelog […]

Lesser Known Kashflow Features

As I work with clients who are using Kashflow, I realise that there are several features in Kashflow that clients often don’t know about. I am going to highlight some of these in posts over the next period. Some of them may be useful to you. Repeat Invoicing. If you have a customer where you […]