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Seven Drivers of Highly Engaged Staff

This months Blog Post comes from Mindshop Colleagues Mark Buckland and Wayne Lockhart In his highly acclaimed book ‘Good to Great’ Jim Collins suggests that employing, leading and managing staff is like taking a bus trip. In doing so he outlined two philosophies related to how business owners get the best out of their people […]

Getting on top of your to-do’s

I was talking recently with a friend who commented that he doesn’t feel that he is achieving enough. He sat down at the start of the year and made a list of all the things he wanted to get done. This list included ideas for 2 new products and improving his skills. He is half […]

10 Tips to get the most from Social Media in your business

This blog post comes from Mindshop colleague, Fergal Coleman. Now based in Australia, Fergal has strong Galway connections. His family came from Galway, he worked for CK Electronics for a couple of years and he played for Galway United for a period. Fergal has a IT and Strategy consultancy in Melbourne Symphony3 www.symphony3.com. Over to […]

Improving Productivity with Smartphone Apps

On a number of occasions over the past few weeks, I have had discussions with friends and clients about how they use their smartphones. I am getting great use out of mine and would be lost without it. However, others are barely using the capabilities of their phone. So here are some of the features […]

PDCA or PDSA – What’s the difference?

I have been thinking recently about PDCA and PDSA. When I first encountered Business Improvement Theory I learned about the Deming or Shewhart Cycle – usually referred to as PDCA. This is short for Plan-Do-Check-Act. As I understand it, Shewhart first came up with the concept but Deming popularised it. The theory behind it says […]

Using your Strengths to Leverage your Opportunities

Today we have a guest post from Chris Mason, Founder – Mindshop Mindshop has a unique way of conducting a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis. The starting point of this process is to identify your strengths and opportunities. You then ask the key question, “How can I use these strengths to commercialize these […]

How to overcome the Knowing-Doing Gap

Many people go on courses and learn some very powerful techniques but don’t go on to apply the techniques. Some of these people are serial course/workshop attenders. They have all the knowledge. They can tell you how to solve your problems but they don’t seem to be able to apply it to themselves. This phenomenon […]

A tool for helping to make decisions

Often, I meet with clients who are struggling to make a decision. In a situation like that, I guide them through what I call the Decision Matrix. Firstly I get them to identify the alternatives. Then, I get them to identify the key factors relevant to the decision. Then, for each alternative, I have them […]

Why is change so hard?

Today’s guest blog post comes from Mindshop colleague, Mark Ellsworth (http://www.cainellsworth.com/gps/). Have you ever wondered why some companies seem to thrive despite economic uncertainty, while many of their competitors seem to struggle for survival? Is it that one company’s products are so much superior to that of another? Possibly, but not likely. Is it that […]